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Re: svn2cl -g issue

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Re: svn2cl -g issue

On Mon, 2016-06-20 at 22:00 +0200, Philippe Combes wrote:
> Yet there are 2 merges on the working branch and directory in the
> specified range of revisions.
> I have checked the outputs of
> > svn --verbose --xml log -r '12430:12477'
> > svn --verbose --xml log -r '12430:12477' -g
> and they do differ, with the right changesets listed when the -g
> option is set.
> Does the xslt stylesheet get lost because of the disturbed order of
> revision numbers ? Or am I doing anything wrong ?

svn2cl should not anything special with the -g option except passing it
along to svn. It should not do anything to the order of the returned
XML entries, except when theĀ --group-by-day option is used.

I haven't used the -g option myself but I understand that it adds the
commits from the merged branch to the log. It you have some simple way
of providing a test case (perhaps a public Subversion repo) I could
look into it futher.

Kind regards,


-- arthur - - --
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