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release 1.10.4 of webcheck

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release 1.10.4 of webcheck

After quite some time of inactivity another release of webcheck has just
been made available. This is more or less a maintenance release that
gathers some outstanding fixes.

A summary of the changes since 1.10.3:
* remove some left-over debugging code
* several small bugfixes which more or less drop support for Python 2.3
* limit "referenced from" list to 10 items
* pass char_encoding option to tidy to fix some tidy-related errors
* add a Referer header if possible (thanks Devin Bayer)
* Debian packaging improvements

The software and related information can be found at:

This hopefully clears that way to do some renewed development on
webcheck. There are plenty of ideas at this point (using a more dynamic
report, switching to urllib2 for downloading and more). Interested
parties are invited to subscribe to the webcheck-users mailing list.

Any feedback is very much appreciated. Please direct questions,
comments, additions, suggestions, etc to the mailing list:

-- arthur - - --
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