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cvsd with RootJail and cvsspam

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cvsd with RootJail and cvsspam


I've been working on trying to get cvsspam work with cvsd rootjailing pserver but i'm a little frustrated because I 've not even added the `cat` bin command.

I think the first step to get achieve this is to add in CVSROOT/commitinfo file the regex "^CVSROOT /bin/cat>/dev/null" as written in cvsspam-doc.

No problem with /dev/null, but for `cat` i've tried:

- cp -p /bin/cat <RootJailDir>/bin/cat and cvsd-buildroot <RootJailDir>. This command return WARNING: extra (unknown) file found: /opt/cvsd/bin/cat but finishes ok.
- edit the cvsd-buildroot script and add BINARIES="/usr/bin/cvs /bin/cat", a little tricky but no WARNING and the cat binary is copied to <RootJailDir>/bin.

Anyway, when I try to commit, cvs exit with error "cvs commit: cannot exec /bin/cat>/dev/null: No such file or directory"

Thinking about the command "/bin/cat>/dev/null" I thought, what if I change that "ugly" command for a simplier one, so I've created a dummy shell script that returns nothing, and add the /bin/sh and /bin/ to <RootJailDir> and cvsd-buildroot it again.

Same occurs, cvs commit: cannot exec /bin/dummy: No such file or directory.

Is cvsd jailed unable to find added commands or binaries?? It is known??

I'm using 1.0.18 on ubuntu server 10.04-2 LTS.

Thanks in advance.

Pablo Ramírez
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