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Re: Help the newbie please

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Re: Help the newbie please

You either need to use nssov or pam_ldap+nss_ldap, not both.  The nssov overlay 
supplants both.
That cannot possibly work. Perhaps I dont need pam_ldap but I certainly need nss_ldap, otherwise NSS has no way of knowing what it means when I put in "ldap" in nsswitch.conf. nssov then replaces the nslcd daemon that nss_ldap talks to. To quote the nssov README:

   To use this code, you will need the client-side stub library from
   nss-ldapd (which resides in nss-ldapd/nss). You will not need the
   nslcd daemon; this overlay replaces that part.

I believe the same hold true for PAM, but I can at least try not using pam_ldap and see how far that gets me, but I am pretty sure from my reading of teh code and the various docs that it is still required. For the exact same reason. When PAM makes various requests it communicated over a UNIX-domain socket. All I have done is replace nslcd with nssov.

Or am I way off base?


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