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Re: Help the newbie please

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Re: Help the newbie please

Honestly, I would take some time to read and understand the documentation, 
especially the admin guide I linked above.
Ive read it cover to cover, 3 times now. So it must be the "understand" part of that that I am missing :)

And, for questions specific to OpenLDAP that aren't answered in the docs, I 
would send questions to their lists; all
nss-pam-ldapd is doing is acting as the glue between NSS/PAM and LDAP.  Things 
like your slapd configuration and using
OpenLDAP ACLs and privilege separation are out of the scope of this mailing 
list.  But, since many of the questions
you're asking are answered in the admin guide, and you did ask to be pointed at 
a good reference, I would again highly
suggest reading it (and the man pages).  The #openldap irc channel on Freenode 
may also prove useful to you.
Yeah if I dont make any progress I will ask some questions on their mailing list. #openldap has about 5 messages per century it seems :)

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