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status of Solaris support in nss-pam-ldapd

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status of Solaris support in nss-pam-ldapd

This mail is meant to explain the current status of implementing Solaris
support in nss-pam-ldapd. Support for Solaris was kindly provided by Ted
C. Cheng of Symas Corporation.

The patches were brought up-to-date with the latest development code and
refactored to use the macro framework that is used to generate the Glibc
NSS code. This also makes it easier to integrate other NSS flavours (the
FreeBSD port comes to mind).

The aim was to cleanly separate the Glibc function implementations from
the Solaris ones while sharing as much code as possible.

Thanks to Peter Ohlerich and Ted C. Cheng for testing the intermediate
builds and providing useful feedback on the status.

What remains to be done before this work will be merged to the trunk:
- more tests of the code (it should compile on at least Solaris 8 and 10
  but it hasn't been thoroughly tested yet)
- try to reduce the diff some more (currently the patch more than
  doubles the lines of code in the nss module)
- see if we can use another mechanism than a thread-local file pointer
  for linking the {set,get,end}*ent() functions together (the netgroups
  code already shares some state between calls in the struct

If you are willing to help, please check out the -solaris branch:
and report feedback on any problems or successes.

Thanks again for all the testing and support so far.

-- arthur - - --
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