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Example of proper getent output

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Example of proper getent output


I am attempting to learn about nss-pam-ldap and its integration with Active Directory and a Linux box. I have the nslcd daemon running in debug mode and have been watching its output, etc. I haven't started Samba as of yet, but the Linux box has joined the AD controlled domain. The daemon's user has a kerberos ticket and I think it is working correctly. The command,

$ getent passwd

gives output supplemented with the AD users. All of the fields fount in a typical passwd file are populated with entries obtained from Microsoft's Services for Unix, 3.5. My question is about the command,

$ getent group

The output from that command does not appear to be supplemented with AD groups. Is this the normal behaviour? Can someone post the output of the above command as an example? Perhaps witth nslcd running, nssswitch configured, and samba not running, yet.

Thank you,
Douglas Mayne

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