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Re: DN for services?

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Re: DN for services?

On Sat, 2010-10-30 at 10:51 -0400, Kaiting Chen wrote:
> Hi I'm wondering what the DN should be if putting services in the
> directory. If using the IANA assignments, no single attribute is
> unique.

In my test environment I have this services entry:

dn: cn=foosrv,ou=services,dc=test,dc=tld
objectClass: top
objectClass: ipService
cn: foosrv
ipServicePort: 15349
ipServiceProtocol: tcp

I hope this answers your question.

nss-pam-ldapd only uses the DN of an entry to find the primary name of
an object (for hosts, networks, protocols, rpc numbers and services).
Other attribute values are handled as aliases for these maps. If no name
is in the DN, the first attribute returned is used as primary.

-- arthur - - --
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