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Re: a new library for ID mapping

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Re: a new library for ID mapping

On Tue, 2012-02-14 at 22:11 +0100, Jakub Hrozek wrote:
> Right now, I don't think there are many differences from the point of view
> of a nss-pam-ldapd user. IIRC both take a range of allow ID and add the
> RID to the lower boundary of the range. From a past conversation with
> Sumit I recall he had planned to add a support for an ordered list of
> non-overlapping ranges.
> That said, I still think there might be value in providing this library
> as an alternative for SID->ID mappings because the library might change
> in the future and by using the same component on nss-pam-ldapd clients
> and SSSD clients would guarantee compatibility (even bug-for-bug
> compatibility).
> Of course, I'm willing to actually do the work and write the patch :-)
> Before I do so, I'd like to know whether the nss-pam-ldapd upstream would
> consider this patch useful and accept it.

It sounds very useful as long as the library in question is reasonably
portable. Reducing the code in nss-pam-ldapd while increasing the
functionality sounds like a good thing.

-- arthur - - --
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