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Re: nss-ldapd-0.6.11 on RedHat

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Re: nss-ldapd-0.6.11 on RedHat

On Thu, 2012-04-26 at 11:59 -0300, Felipe wrote:
> nss-ldap-0.6 will work properly on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release
> 4up5???
> As there is no package for this distribution I have to compiler this
> one.

If you want to compile from source, you are probably better off
compiling 0.7.16, it has many stability improvements over the 0.6

You need to install at least the nss_ldap library and have nslcd running
for proper operation.

If you get compile-time errors, please report them here. Some
information about installing is in the README and for example on

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