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Re: Local users

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Re: Local users

On Sun, 2012-05-06 at 20:49 +0200, Hugo Deprez wrote:
> I  use nslcd without any issues except the fact that when a local user
> connect to the system I get the following :
> nslcd[6216]: [b6c6bc] "supervision": user not found
> I was wondering if this is a configuration issue, or just the fact
> that the user is not present in the ldap ?

This message happens because the PAM modules asks nslcd to try to
authenticate as the user. The message can be ignored in general.

A way to avoid this is to pass the minimum_uid to the pam module but
this is only possible of your LDAP users have a uid higher than local
users. This works well if normal user accounts are generally from LDAP
and system accounts are from flat files. System accounts (uid < 1000)
are then not passed off to nslcd which cuts back on the noise.

Btw, it is recommended to not serve system accounts from LDAP because of
issues during boot or if the LDAP server is unavailable.

-- arthur - - --
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