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Re: Local users

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Re: Local users


thank you for the information.

My pam configuration is like :
account     sufficient uid < 1000 quiet

user from ldap are using ids > 1000

But Debian uses : UIDs 1000-29999 are normal user accounts.

So I have to find out how to split user localclly created et users
from the ldap.


On 6 May 2012 21:12, Arthur de Jong <> wrote:
> On Sun, 2012-05-06 at 20:49 +0200, Hugo Deprez wrote:
>> I  use nslcd without any issues except the fact that when a local user
>> connect to the system I get the following :
>> nslcd[6216]: [b6c6bc] "supervision": user not found
>> I was wondering if this is a configuration issue, or just the fact
>> that the user is not present in the ldap ?
> This message happens because the PAM modules asks nslcd to try to
> authenticate as the user. The message can be ignored in general.
> A way to avoid this is to pass the minimum_uid to the pam module but
> this is only possible of your LDAP users have a uid higher than local
> users. This works well if normal user accounts are generally from LDAP
> and system accounts are from flat files. System accounts (uid < 1000)
> are then not passed off to nslcd which cuts back on the noise.
> Btw, it is recommended to not serve system accounts from LDAP because of
> issues during boot or if the LDAP server is unavailable.
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