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nslcd randomly fails to bind to ldap

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nslcd randomly fails to bind to ldap

I am using nslcd in Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Lucid, and at times have
machines that are unable to bind to the LDAP server.  We are using
Kerberos to bind, and simply restarting nslcd resolves the issue, but
I am unable to discover the root cause.  The most recent case had a
log message to the effect of

nslcd [1573]: [15ff32] error writing to client: Broken pipe

This was ~ 24 hours before starting to see thiese

nslcd [1573]: [5eb207] failed to bind to LDAP server
ldaps://xx.xx.xx.xx: Local Error

I have many machines running the same configuration, but only
periodically see this situation.  Any thoughts on what the issue is,
or how to get to the root cause?

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