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Re: nslcd config and debconf

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Re: nslcd config and debconf

I am very sorry for disturbance again, since "external" auth fix committed there is only a question still unclear:

dpkg-reconfigure and debconf in relation to nslcd parameters.

Btw, using debconf-set-selections and using dpkg-reconfigure isnot a supported way to update the configuration because the current configuration is always read from the configuration file in order to preserve configuration changes outside debconf. The only situationwhere preseeding would work is on initial installation when the configuration file is absent.

I am not sure that me is correct by 100%, but I have discovered the following:

initial installation is handled by preinstall script. dpkg-reconfigure treats updated debconf db parameter as a point to upgrade configuration file, so if I choose to upgrade package with new config, it will be upgraded with parameters set in debconf db and will overwrite the configuration file with new content. I dont understand why configuration file should be parsed to overwrite debconf (e.g. preserve) db, if these parameters was already set previously (e.g. non-empty).

I am not in sure, but I think you have some point to argument, that will help me to understand how these parameters should indeed work successfully, and I'll very thankful for this help.

Arthur de Jong <> писал(а) в своём письме Tue, 09 Oct 2012 00:18:50 +0400:

On Mon, 2012-10-08 at 20:43 +0400, Василий Молостов wrote:
I was unable to find a place to report a bug in ubuntu repos (nslcd
belongs to universe, and not a part of ubuntu), and if some can point
out a good link, it wold be very helpful to report bug more

I saw that you reported it in Launchpad [0] which is fine, I'll follow
up there.


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