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Setting a default value with an alternative attribute

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Setting a default value with an alternative attribute


I have a few client systems which require special handling of the
homeDirectory attribute. Most user accounts will actually share the same
home directory, but there will be a few exceptions to this rule.

I had planned to create a variant of the homeDirectory attribute to
handle the exceptoins, homeDirectory;foo, and let nslcd supply a default
value for the majority of the accounts.

I had hoped that something like this would work:

        map passwd homeDirectory "${homeDirectory;foo:-/home/something}"

but this results in blank values for the home directories. Should this
syntax work? If not, can you recommend an alternative approach? I should
note that I should be able to address this with a class-of-service
mechanism on the servers, but I would rather avoid that if possible.

Iain Morgan

PS: Kudos on the clean design of nslcd. In particular, the syntax used
in the config file is much better than I have seen in other clients.
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