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Nested groups missing/groups without members

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Nested groups missing/groups without members


Im testing libpam-ldapd(0.9.0-2) from Debian experimental on a Wheezy

I am comparing results of one machine(s005) running Squeeze libpam-ldap
working as aspected, with one machine(s006) running wheezy libpam-ldapd
not working as expected.

Resolving users seems to be working fine on both machine's
s005:~# getent passwd | wc -l

s006:~# getent passwd | wc -l

Resolving groups does not work as expected.
A getent group | wc -l
s005 shows 8185 groups
S006 shows 7300 groups
All groups appear without any members on s006.

If needed I can provide debugging information and config files.

Any tips/hints/suggestions are more then welcome to get this problem solved.

Martijn van Brummelen

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