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Re: Nested groups missing/groups without members

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Re: Nested groups missing/groups without members

> On Thu, 25 Jul 2013, Martijn van Brummelen wrote:
>> Debugging information shows that some groups with (spaces, commas,
>> underscores, ampersand) are denied because of the validnames regex. Is
>> there a way to disable this option before finding the fully matching
>> regex?
> You could temporarily set:
> validnames /.*/
I still found some issues:
- one group gets resolved double, same groupname, same gid, seen with id
- in some groupnames some characters transfer from higher to lower case
and lower to higher case.
 for example  a groupname which contains:
 - Locatie becomes locatie
 - Doqu" becomes doqu
 - FenS becomes fens
 - B2 becomes b2
 - Aanmelden becomes aanmelden
 - mailinglist becomes Mailinglist
Let me know if you need more information or more examples.

Martijn van Brummelen

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