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Re: [PATCH] buffers in nslcd/shadow.c are too small

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Re: [PATCH] buffers in nslcd/shadow.c are too small

On Tue, 2013-08-27 at 17:36 -0500, Bersl wrote:
> I was trying to get LDAP auth working over NSS (without PAM) and not
> having much success. I came across
> <>
> from last year, and I found that the only change I had to make from
> what I had been trying was to switch to old-style DES crypt(3)
> passwords. The MD5 variant also worked.
> When I looked at the results of getent shadow more closely, I saw that
> the hash was being truncated. I made the following change to the
> codebase, and now all forms of crypt(3) passwords work.

Thanks for testing and thanks for your patch. I integrated it with a few
small changes, see:


-- arthur - - --
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