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group filter in nslcd.conf

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group filter in nslcd.conf


I’m working in a research lab and I’m trying to bind a NAS (Synology) to our 
university LDAP. This NAS uses a proprietary configuration tool but behind it’s 
nslcd  that does the job.

My problem is that it doesn’t seems to work. I need to search on two different 
branchs on the ldap server for users and groups (using filters to avoid all 
university users).

This are the modifications I’ve added to nslcd.conf,  the filters and search 
bases are perfectly working with a « ldapsearch ». With nslcd, only users are 
working and i don’t get any group.

# The distinguished name of the search base.                                  
base dc=univ-rennes1,dc=fr   
# Customize certain database lookups.                                         
base    passwd  ou=people,dc=univ-rennes1,dc=fr                               
filter  passwd  (departmentNumber=R436*)                                      
base    group   ou=grouper,dc=univ-rennes1,dc=fr                              
filter  group   (&(objectClass=GroupOfNames)(cn=ur1:div:rec:lab:r436:*))
map group uniqueMember member

Prior to any action, I’d like to know if I’m making a mistake (I’m not a ldap 
specialist) or if my modifications are correct.

Thanks in advance and best regards from Brittany


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