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Re: nslcd check ( -c ) giving out false error-status

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Re: nslcd check ( -c ) giving out false error-status

Also what is the suggested method to monitor the service ? 
Will a simple suffice ? 

thanks in advance. 

- subu ayyagari

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 11:10 PM, Subu Ayyagari <subu.ayyagari [at]> wrote:

Have been using 'nslcd -c' to monitor the naming service.
But occasionally it returns '1' - false error even when the daemon is running and healthy. 
Subsequent check comes back clean (return code 0 ).

1) What would be the cause for such a erroneous return status ?
 2) Is there any way to debug what could cause 'nslcd -c' to return '1' when everything is normal ?

btw, the version is 0.7.5

Any info / suggestion would be helpful.

Subu Ayyagari
email: subu.ayyagari [at]

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