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Re: Understanding nscd and caching

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Re: Understanding nscd and caching

On Wed, 2014-09-24 at 12:26 -0400, Matt Hughes wrote:
> At first I thought the new ‘cache’ config option would help, but it
> doesn’t appear to cache everything. I then turned on nscd, but I don’t
> see nslcd making requests to the nscd. Has anyone here set this up?
> Sample config?

nslcd currently only performs some caching of internal LDAP
distinguished names to usernames (the dn2uid cache). There is more
caching planned for pynslcd.

Caching in nscd is done before asking nslcd (not after) and does not
cache all lookups. For example requests to list all users and getting
groups a user is member of are not cached in nscd I think.

> nslcd.conf:
> log /var/log/nslcd.debug.log debug
> I did compile nss-pam-ldap with --enable-debug but don’t see any
> output at the log file specified.

I don't thing --enable-debug currently does a lot.

The log file should contain some debugging information so that may be a
bug. The file nor directory should require special privileges so that is

Can you debug where this is going wrong? Running nslcd under strace with
the -n option may provide some insights.


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