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Re: Understanding nscd and caching

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Re: Understanding nscd and caching

Matt Hughes wrote:
> At first I thought the new ‘cache’ config option would help, but it
> doesn’t appear to cache everything. I then turned on nscd, but I
> don’t see nslcd making requests to the nscd.

FYI either on an nslcd desktop or a samba4 AD server (I forget which!)
I saw a hundredfold decrease in LDAP traffic after installing unscd.

With nscd I had a lot of heisenbugs; with unscd I haven't seen any.

    This is a complete rewrite of the GNU glibc nscd which is a single
    threaded server process which offloads all NSS lookups to worker
    children; cache hits are handled by the parent, and only cache
    misses start worker children, making the parent immune to resource
    leaks, hangs, and crashes in NSS libraries.

    -- apt-cache show unscd
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