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Re: [PATCH] warnings cleanup: size_t should be formatted %lu rather than %d

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Re: [PATCH] warnings cleanup: size_t should be formatted %lu rather than %d

On Sat, 14 Mar 2015, Arthur de Jong wrote:

| On Wed, 2015-03-11 at 21:01 -0700, Tim Rice wrote:
| > The problem for UnixWare is clock_gettime() does not exist so
| > common/tio.c does not build.
| > ........
| > UX:acomp: ERROR: "/opt/src/networking/nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.4/common/tio.c", 
line 96: undefined symbol: CLOCK_MONOTONIC
| > UX:acomp: ERROR: "/opt/src/networking/nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.4/common/tio.c", 
line 104: undefined symbol: CLOCK_MONOTONIC
| > ........
| The error seems to indicate that CLOCK_MONOTONIC does not exist. If
| clock_gettime() itself exists on Unixware (or something similar) some
| replacement could perhaps be put in its place.

It was my impression that the CLOCK_MONOTONIC define was invented
as part of clock_gettime() but OK, bad example.
If I move past tio.c by adding a -DCLOCK_MONOTONIC=4 it becomes clear.
Making all in nslcd
gmake[2]: Entering directory 
cc  -O -Kthread,alloca,pentium_pro -Dvsnprintf=_xvsnprintf 
-Dsnprintf=_xsnprintf  -L/opt/lib -o nslcd nslcd.o log.o daemonize.o common.o 
myldap.o cfg.o attmap.o nsswitch.o invalidator.o config.o alias.o ether.o 
group.o host.o netgroup.o network.o passwd.o protocol.o rpc.o service.o 
shadow.o pam.o usermod.o ../common/libtio.a ../common/libdict.a 
../common/libexpr.a ../compat/libcompat.a -lldap_r -lsocket   -lsocket 
Undefined                       first referenced
symbol                              in file
clock_gettime                       libtio.a(tio.o)
UX:ld: ERROR: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to nslcd
gmake[2]: *** [nslcd] Error 1

And no, clock_gettime() is not hiding in some other lib.

| > > If you have any patches I could integrate them.
| > 
| > I've attached nss-pam-ldapd-0.9.4.patch. It's the mods I use
| > to build 0.9.1 brought forward to 0.9.4. 0.9.4 does not build due to
| > the above mentioned changes in 0.9.2.
| > 
| > Some portability fixes, 2 new files for the NSS bits needed for
| > UnixWare, and 2 files from kerberos (if I remember correctly) to
| > impliment missing getusershell and hstrerror.
| I've had a quick look and I think I can include at least some of the
| changes. I like the new --with-nss-lib-dir configure option but I'm not
| sure the related change to dlopen() works on all platforms.

I would be very surprised to find a dlopen() implimentation that
does not work with the full path name to the lib. In this use case
I want to know that tha pam module I specify is opened even if
LD_LIBRARY_PATH has been messed with, Or if I've configured it to
be in some location where the runtime loader will not find it. Quite
usefull on UnixWare and Solaris 10 that were built with openssl 0.9.7
and now I want my apps to use openssl 1.0.2.

| Thanks,

Tim Rice                                Multitalents

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