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Re: LDAP password is "INCORRECT"

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Re: LDAP password is "INCORRECT"

On Fri, 2015-05-15 at 17:11 -0500, wrote:
> I'm attempting to add LDAP authentication (against Windows Active
> Directory) to an embedded Linux system.  I'm learning as I go so I'm
> sure I have a lot wrong.  In Wireshark I noticed that the bind
> password was "INCORRECT" instead of the entered password.  I haven't
> figured out what's wrong so I thought I'd ask is generating the
> password?

This was interesting to track down :). Apparently sshd sets a password
of "\b\n\r\177INCORRECT" in some cases (judging by the source at least
when PermitRootLogin does not allow the login but also when
sshpam_authctxt is not valid).

I suggest running sshd in debug mode to see what goes wrong. Judging by
the debug log of nslcd you sent, that part seems to be working OK.

Kind regards,

-- arthur - - --
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