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Re: Failed to login using a serial connection.

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Re: Failed to login using a serial connection.

On Wed, 2015-11-11 at 10:27 -0500, eRIC wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Still have an issue with login.
> I can login using a telnet session but I can not using a serial
> connection.

Can you log in on serial using accounts in /etc/passwd?  It would
isolate pam_ldap/nslcd.

ttyO1 is non-standard on Linux, but you don't say what OS.  On Linux
I'd check selinux for errors, since it's unlikely that a modern Linux
includes selinux rules for Specialix or Cyclades cards.  I'm not clued
up enough on stock serial tty names on other *nix-es.

What getty are you running on the serial ports, and is that setting
permissions and ownership correctly after auth?

Is there any help in pam's log (/var/log/secure?)  A lot of pam modules
also take 'debug' as an option.  It might tell you if it ever runs

pam usually denies logins on certain ttys (/etc/securetty, using
pam_securetty), and it might deny certain ttys based on /etc/securety/*
(using pam_limits) but I see neither of those in your pam files.  This
would happen after auth but before session (from memory.)

I'm a little surprised to see telnet use an ssh pam session, since
telnetd usually runs /bin/login (or equivalent) to provide logins.  I
have to assume you're using SSH instead of telnet.
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