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Re: Failed to login using a serial connection.

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Re: Failed to login using a serial connection.

On Thu, 2015-11-12 at 07:51 -0500, Eric wrote:
> Hi,
> It si an embedded Linux so no Selinux there.(old kernel 2.6.37)

I'm reasonably sure that 2.6 can have selinux too :)

> Yes I can login using the serial using the root account.

Can you try a non-root account?  It's possible that /dev/ttyO1 remains
read-write for root only if your getty doesn't work correctly.

> And also yes about the ssh.

In that case, for 'serial', do you mean 'console' or 'serial'?

> There is no /var/log/secure.  Just:
> -lastlog
> -sshd.log
> -wtmp

Are you using syslog?  Do you have an entry authpriv.*?  PAM logs will
go there.

If your filesystem is read-only you can try and shunt syslog to another
IP.  Then we'll have more debug info.

On the embedded system: 'echo "*.* @ip" > /etc/syslog.conf', on the
server 'syslogd -r'.  You may need to allow 514/udp in iptables.
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