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RE: pam_authz_search $tty

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RE: pam_authz_search $tty

Thanks Arthur. It works like a charm. Really appreciate your help.

Thanks a lot


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On Tue, 2016-04-05 at 20:32 +0000, Lakshmi Narasimhan, Premkumar (RIS-
ORL) wrote:
> Is there any substitution variable in nslcd that would identify if the 
> user is connecting using TLS/SSL or If I run vsftpd (ftp & ftps) as 
> separate instances will I be able use the $service substitution 
> variable to differentiate if user is connecting using ftp or ftps.

In vsftpd I can only find the pam_service_name configuration option but I 
counldn't find anything that is related to the type of connection that is 
passed to PAM.

What you could do is run one vsftpd in non-SSL mode and pam_service_name to ftp 
and one in SSL-only mode and set the service name to ftps.

In nslcd.conf you can then use $service in filters.

Hope this helps,

-- arthur - - --

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