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Passwords on FreeBSD

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Passwords on FreeBSD


I'd like to use an ldap server for user authentication on a FreeBSD
machine. I installed nss-pam-ldapd-0.8.14_3 and followed the installation
instructions from the webpage.
I can request user information:

~ # getent passwd gekueh
gekueh:x:1681:5001:Gerrit Kuehn:/data/home/gekueh:/bin/bash

I can log in successfully via ssh using key authentication, and I can use
"su - gekueh" successfully when I am root.
However, everything requiring my to enter a password appears to fail with
some error message like this:

May 25 11:04:28 nslcd[64168]: [d9b7c3] <authc="gekueh">
uid=gekueh,cn=users,dc=aei,dc=mpg,dc=de: lookup failed: Invalid
May 25 11:04:28 sshd[64180]: error: PAM: authentication
error for gekueh from ff5

Any hints what might be wrong here? Google turned up with nothing useful
so far for me.

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