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problem with passwd over pam_ldap

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problem with passwd over pam_ldap


I try to use authentication with nss_pam_ldap (version 0.8.14) for a
Linux VM (Fedora 22) to an ApacheDS LDAP Server. Normal login works fine
and yet I'm trying to change the password with the passwd command. The
attached pcagng file contains this LDAP access. There is first an
passwdModifyOID request visible, which does not contain the old
password. In fact this LDAP access is successful, the extendedResponse
contains rc=0, and the password is changed on the LDAP server.
Nevertheless the debug output from the nslcd process says that the
access failed (with Decoding error).
  Due to this unsuccessful access the nslcd tries again to modify the
password with the old value. But since the first access was successful,
the resonse form the LDAP server indicates that there is no entry value with
the old password.

So my question is, why does nslcd modul does not recognize that the
first change attempt was successful?

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