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Re: Naming space problem with python-pskc/0.2

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Re: Naming space problem with python-pskc/0.2

On Tue, 2015-10-06 at 12:55 +0200, Eric Plet wrote:
> I used "python-pskc/0.2" to open different PSKC files but I have an
> error when I use it with a file using fully qualified naming spaces
> for the section "EncryptionKey" (see attached files). Please, can you
> let me know if, from your point of view, such format should be
> supported or not ?

Hi, thanks for giving python-pskc a try and for reporting this. It's
been quite some time since I made any modifications to it but I've
indeed seen that namespaces are the biggest issues when reading PSKC

I've integrated your changes in a little more generic way and pushed
the changes to the Git repository. I hope to get around to making a 0.3
release soonish.

If you have any more problem PSKC files, feel free to report them.


-- arthur - - --

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