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release 1.2 of python-stdnum

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release 1.2 of python-stdnum

Release 1.2 of python-stdnum has just been made available.

This release includes a number of new number formats (Austrian Company
Register, Brazillian CNPJ, Swiss UID, Swiss VAT, CUSIP, German
Wertpapierkennnummer, Estonian Isikukood, Finnish Association
Identifier, Finnish Y-tunnus, SEDOL, IMO number, ISIN, Mexican RFC,
Polish PESEL, Polish REGON and Russian ИНН) some of which have been
imported from the Holvi branch. This brings the total number of
supported formats to over 100. This release also includes a few other
small improvements.

The software and related information can be found at:

Development of the library is ongoing and contributions and suggestions
are more than welcome. Please direct questions, comments, additions,
suggestions, etc to the mailing list:
or use Github.

Note that the Trac instance that was previously set up will be
decommissioned because it wasn't used much. The old Subversion
repository has also been decommissioned.

-- arthur - - --

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