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release 1.12 of python-stdnum

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release 1.12 of python-stdnum

Release 1.12 of python-stdnum has been made available.

This release includes a number of new number formats (Andorra tax
number, Costa Rica physical person ID, tax and foreigners ID
numbers, Guatemala tax number, Israeli identity number, Japanese
Corporate Number,  South Korean resident registration number, New
Zealand Te Tari Tāke number,  Peruvian identity and company tax
numbers, Paraguay tax number, Turkish tax identification number,
Uruguay tax number, Venezuelan VAT number and South African TIN).

This release also includes fixes for the Dominican Republic NCF, German
Handelsregisternummer and Swedish Personnummer as well as a number of
other improvements.

The software and related information can be found at:

Development of the library is ongoing and contributions and suggestions
are more than welcome. Please direct questions, comments, additions,
suggestions, etc to or use

-- arthur - - --