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release 1.14 of python-stdnum

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release 1.14 of python-stdnum

Release 1.14 of python-stdnum has been made available.

This release includes a a large list of number formats (Belarus UNP,
Italian AIC, Israeli company number, El Salvador NIT, China USCC,
Singapore UEN, South Korea BRN, Vietnam MST, Indonesian NPWP, Taiwanese
UBN, United Kingdom UTR, Romanian ONRC, GS1-128 and VATIN) and includes
fixes for the Dominican Republic NCF, Swedish Personnummer, Finnish
HETU, Danish CPR, Norwegian Fødselsnummer, EU VAT number, Ecuadorian
CI, Dominican Republic RNC and Romanian CNP numbers along with a number
of other fixes.

The software and related information can be found at:

Development of the library is ongoing and contributions and suggestions
are more than welcome. Please direct questions, comments, additions,
suggestions, etc to or use

-- arthur - - --