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Re: [External] Re: Korean BRN check digit

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Re: [External] Re: Korean BRN check digit

Hi Sergi,

The point that I cannot find is how to calculate the check digit. About the format I could find it, but thanks anyway 🙂



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Subject: [External] Re: Korean BRN check digit
Hi Laura,

El 9/12/20 a les 12:23, Laura Vallllosera Nonell ha escrit:
Good morning,

I've seen there's no information about the Korean Business Registration Number check number. I couldn't find it anywhere and I was wandering if do you know how to calculate it.

Are you looking for the South Korean Bussines Registration Number?

If yes, it's validation is implemented on the package. See:

Hope it helps!

Sergi Almacellas Abellana
Twitter: @pokoli_srk