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Re:Re: default output to stdout

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Re:Re: default output to stdout

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From: schemacs <schemacs [at]>
Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2011 at 7:23 PM
Subject: Re: default output to stdout
To: Arthur de Jong <arthur [at]>

OK,after this college term I finally write the patch for two option --interactive and --overwrite.The man page are update accordingly(please check if any errors exists,I am from China,and today is Chinese Spring Festival).

so after the patch,the default behavior is not to overwrite the default ChangeLog file(evenĀ  any other existing ChangeLog file existed).

Thanks for developing svn2cl,I am using it on another project again.

On Thu, Dec 30, 2010 at 5:22 AM, Arthur de Jong <arthur [at]> wrote:
On Wed, 2010-12-29 at 08:47 +0800, schemacs wrote:
> I suggest the default output should be stdout,not the file
> ChangeLog,for sometime this file already exist.

Originally svn2cl was implemented to replace cvs2cl and work similarly.
That is why it writes to ChangeLog by default.

> At least the script should report an warning when it overwrite the
> original ChangeLog.

This seams somewhat reasonable. Perhaps a -f, --force option to force
overwrite or a -i, --interactive option to prompt? Patches for something
like that are welcome.

Thanks for your input.

-- arthur - arthur [at] - --

Been Here,Done that.

Been Here,Done that.

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