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Files list issue in ChangeLog

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Files list issue in ChangeLog

Hello and congratulations for this very good work !
First, I'm french so please forgive the following mistakes (if so) ;-)

I'm facing a strange issue with the "svn2cl" script.
I made a PHP function based on your script to build a classic ChangeLog as your script build it using the "svn2cl.xsl" model.
The problem is that the resulting file does NOT present the files list for any revision (not at all). 
Everything else is ok, the file seems to be well-formated, but it never present the files-list ...

My resulting command (executing by the 'exec' PHP function) is :

svn --verbose --xml log "`pwd`/paquets/PROJECT/trunk@HEAD" | \
xsltproc  \
--stringparam strip-prefix "paquets/"  \
--stringparam groupbyday "no"  \
--stringparam separate-daylogs "no"  \
--stringparam include-rev "yes"  \
--stringparam include-actions "yes"  \
--stringparam breakbeforemsg "no" \ 
--stringparam authorsfile "`pwd`/paquets//authors.xml"  \
--stringparam ignore-message-starting "ignore"  \
--stringparam reparagraph "no" \
--stringparam title "ChangeLog"  \
--stringparam revision-link "#r" \
 --stringparam ticket-link ""  \
--nowrite --nomkdir --nonet  \
"`pwd`/modeles/svn2cl.xsl" - \
  > "`pwd`/paquets/PROJECT/tags/PROJECT-1.01/ChangeLog"

where "paquets/" is an updated local working copy of the concerned repository and PROJECT the (fake) name of the concerned project. This execution send no error message ...

The result is something like that :
2011-03-26 11:32  El Piero <contact [at]>

* [r50] Code du pugin version lame Ctoueatu Suisse

And using your script via command line (with the same values) :
2011-03-26 11:32  El Piero <contact [at]>

* [r50] lame_CouteauSuisse/jscrollpane_lame_cs[ADD],
[... the list is long ...]
 Code du pugin version lame Ctoueatu Suisse

I tried a lot of things to fix this, without any result ...
- Did I miss something somewhere ?
- All my values for the "--stringparam" arguments are between double-quotes, is that a problem ? (I tried another way but it didn't change the problem, so I suppose it's not that)
- If you have any idea or if this issue is known ... can you inform me about a way to go ?

Thank you for you help, I'm very sorry to disturb you with a so long message and a so basic issue :-(
And bravo again for this good work ;-)

-- Pierre

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