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Re: Files list issue in ChangeLog

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Re: Files list issue in ChangeLog

On Sun, 2011-03-27 at 16:53 +0200, PieroWbmstr wrote:
> Hello and congratulations for this very good work !


> I made a PHP function based on your script to build a classic
> ChangeLog as your script build it using the "svn2cl.xsl" model.
> The problem is that the resulting file does NOT present the files list
> for any revision (not at all). 
> Everything else is ok, the file seems to be well-formated, but it
> never present the files-list ...
> My resulting command (executing by the 'exec' PHP function) is :

I can't see anything wrong with the command. The only tricky part is the
strip-prefix value. It should be the first part of the file name that is
included in the output of svn -v --xml log.

> I tried a lot of things to fix this, without any result ...
> - Did I miss something somewhere ?
> - All my values for the "--stringparam" arguments are between
> double-quotes, is that a problem ? (I tried another way but it didn't
> change the problem, so I suppose it's not that)

I think php sends the exec command to a shell so the quotes should not
be a problem.

> - If you have any idea or if this issue is known ... can you inform me
> about a way to go ?

If you want to construct the command yourself you chould try to see what
svn2cl does:
  sh -x /path/to/svn2cl -i
Another alternative is to just call svn2cl from PHP. Btw, you can pass
the repository location to svn2cl. So you could do:
  svn2cl -o /path/to/ChangeLog file:///srv/svn/myrepos/trunk

Hope this helps.

-- arthur - - --
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