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Problem with xsltproc CPU usage

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Problem with xsltproc CPU usage


Firstly, thank you for svn2cl, I've been using it successfully for many

I am the project manager of an Open Source project, MRBS, and I've found
that I can no longer get svn2cl to produce the ChangeLog to put into new
releases on my development system.

When I run svn2cl as I always have, svn runs, pulling out logs as
expected, and then xsltproc sits there using 100% CPU for as long as I
let it run. It doesn't look like it will ever finish.

Pertinent information:

svn2cl version - 0.12 and 0.14
svn 1.8.11
xsltproc from libxslt-tools 1.1.28

Running like:

BINDIR=$(dirname $0)

${BINDIR}/../svn2cl/ --reparagraph -i -a -r HEAD:1
--break-before-msg=2 --authors=${BINDIR}/usermap-mrbs --strip-prefix=mrbs

I'm specifying --strip-prefix as otherwise the ChangeLog is produced,
but all filenames are stripped, as I am producing a release from a
branch, but previously all development was on the trunk. This means that
the current WC path is:


but the log contains paths like:


If I don't pass --strip-prefix svn2cl sets STRIPPREFIX to:


If you need any more information I'd be happy to provide it.



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