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Re: Problem with xsltproc CPU usage

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Re: Problem with xsltproc CPU usage

On Fri, 2015-03-20 at 00:21 +0000, John Beranek wrote:
> When I run svn2cl as I always have, svn runs, pulling out logs as
> expected, and then xsltproc sits there using 100% CPU for as long as I
> let it run. It doesn't look like it will ever finish.

If I were to write svn2cl today I probably wouldn't use XSLT as it is
pretty inefficient for large XML files. My advice would be to try to
split up the ChangeLog files (I commonly archive them by year).

> I'm specifying --strip-prefix as otherwise the ChangeLog is produced,
> but all filenames are stripped, as I am producing a release from a
> branch, but previously all development was on the trunk. 

Subversion changelogs are a little funky when following renames of
directories. As a workaround you can split the svn2cl command and
combine the output. In one of my projects I used the equivalent of this:

( svn2cl -i --stdout -r HEAD:1835 ; \
  svn2cl -i --stdout -r 1835:1586 --strip-prefix='nss-pam-ldapd' ; \
) > ChangeLog

In the above case the rename of trunk happened in commit 1836.

Kind regards,

-- arthur - - --
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