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Webcheck todo list

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Webcheck todo list


I tried your program today and I'm glad to report it works once I copied the entire directory into the location you suggested in the README file, as well as making both sym-links. Thanks for making this software possible, very useful indeed.

A few points if I may:

a) there is no referral in the README on how to access the processed data and where to find it. This would be a quick "fix" though. Perhaps you could amend the program to have it automatically creates a temporary directory, using the URL as base for the name, if the -o flag is omitted. (i.e. when the link refers to the temp dir would be named "example", unless the user specifies the dir with -o <mydir>)

b) in the TODO list you've mentioned checking for W3C conformance. Not being a coder you might be interested in this line of thought: the W3C validator at refers to the link under test (LUT) in the request, like this:${URL}&charset=(detect+automatically)&doctype=Inline&group=0 where ${URL} is the LUT. On the results page a snippet of HTML code is offered to the owner for inclusion on that page if the page is valid. It centres around an image found at so it's relatively easy to check the results page for this link to determine the page is W3C compliant. There are more images on the W3C site though, like XHTML, XML, CSS, etc. Also, I doubt the W3C would be very happy if someone hammers their validator service with multiple site/page checks in short succession... IIRC there's a Debian package for an offline validator, which would be easy to include as a dependency in a Debian package.

c) on the subject of packages: Webcheck has the potential to become the default web-checking tool for the OSS community. This is, however, hampered by the lack of packages for various distributions: in Debian Stable no package is available. In principle, only 2 packages have to be created: an RPM version for Red Hat and similar and a Debian package that can also be used by its derivatives like Ubuntu, Mint, etc.

I'm happy to attempt to build a Debian package if that helps you further.

Kind regards,

Vincent Wesstein
the Netherlands
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