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Re: Webcheck todo list

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Re: Webcheck todo list

Thanks for your reply. I've inserted my comments below.

Arthur de Jong wrote:

The default location is the current directory (it is in the README
file). The starting point is the index.html file. Perhaps some other
default output directory would be better, however this could get complex
and ugly with longer URLs. Perhaps making the -o option mandatory is a
way to go?

I see your point. Having a mandatory -o flag does make a user more aware of where the output can be found (I figured it out quickly too ;-)) I think I must have missed it in the README, apologies.

I don't think it is nice to hit the W3C validator for a possibly very
large number of pages that webcheck visits. Also, webcheck can use the
tidy interface that does most of the validity checking already locally
(it seems the TODO file is somewhat out-of-date). The Debian package has
a recommendation on python-utidylib for that.

Exactly what I intended to suggest. It appears that some files in the package are a bit outdated indeed, as are some webpages for this project.

A Debian package is available for some time (it even was in etch):
but if you have any improvements feel free to contribute them.

I don't know much about creating RPMs though but I think there are
several RPMs floating around out there.

I now realise my error when searching for a "web checker"... Had I used "web check" as my search string instead, I'd probably found the package in the Debian repo's. Apologies, entirely my mistake. I'm afraid I don't have any improvements to offer, other then a translation to Dutch. But I have the impression you have proper skills in that langauge too ;-)

Best regards from Den Haag,

Vincent Wesstein
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