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Re: webcheck commit: r468 - in webcheck: . webcheck

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Re: webcheck commit: r468 - in webcheck: . webcheck

On 2011-11-18, at 19:42, Arthur de Jong wrote:

> I have a few questions about the changes. Why is there a separate script
> needed for setuptools and for development? Wouldn't it be much easier to
> have one script to avoid things working in development but not with the
> script installed? Some applications seem to use the scripts parameter of
> setup() for this.

I did this first, but kept the current setup for a couple practical reasons:

1. you can't rename the script, and it should be "webcheck", which conflicts 
with the package name. So it would need to be placed in subdirectory

2. scripts are installed under EGG-INFO/scripts and are not importable. So 
nobody could do:

from webcheck.cmd import Crawler, main

and design-wise, seemed like a good place to put the profiling code.

Just for now, I renamed it to, since pdb in python 2.7 does "import cmd" 
and it first looks for the in the current directory.

> Also, I think should import as much information from the
> webcheck package as possible (currently homepage and version) to avoid
> stuff getting out of sync (or is there any easier way to do this?).

Good idea - I changed that.

I had to remove the indirect dependency of webcheck/ on sqlalchemy 
because otherwise you can't run without sqlalchemy installed. And 
normally installs the dependencies for you.

~ Devin
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