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Re: handling data urls

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Re: handling data urls

On Fri, 2013-10-18 at 13:45 -0400, Moses Moore wrote:
> (first attempt at sending message timed-out trying to connect to
>[2001:888:1613::1]:25: Connection timed out)
> (second attempt at sending message failed  "Client host rejected:
> cannot find your hostname")

The first indicates that the mail server is using IPv6 and not failing
over to IPv4 (or has a very low queue lifetime). The second means the
mailserver doesn't have a reverse lookup for its IP address which is
required for many mail servers.


> I noticed my webcheck (v1.10.4) reports were running into the hundreds
> of megabytes of output.  I found out it's because webcheck is still
> processing and reporting on 'data:*' URLs despite using
> `--yank='data:'` on the command line.
> If I'm going to keep using webcheck, it seems I'll need to modify the
> software not to include entire data:* URLs in the reports. It's
> not like data:* URLs need to be checked whether it returns a "404 file
> not found".  It's not as if the entire text of a data:* URL needs
> to be written in a report.
> Is there something stronger than '--yank',
> or will I need to write a patch to handle data:* in a special way?

I'm afraid there currently isn't anything stronger than --yank
implemented. The only thing --yank ensures is that the URL is not
retrieved, not that it is not recorded in any way.

A patch would be very welcome to completely ignore URLs matching certain

Recently, webcheck development was picked up again and the Git version
now is almost ready for an initial release. A patch against that version
is very welcome.

Thanks for your email,

-- arthur - - --
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