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Not getting correct report from Webcheck

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Not getting correct report from Webcheck

I am trying to run webcheck to find broken links for one of the websites but I am seeing 404 message for this URL. I am pretty sure that this is a valid URL and I am able to see the page when I hit it in the browser. Also, I am able to see other crawler tools able to crawl this site and generating reports. So, I am not sure why I am not able to get the report from Webcheck tool. can you please help on this?

I am attaching the version details, command that I ran and the report generated. Please help to identify the issue here. Thanks in advance.

Webcheck version : webcheck-1.10.4

Command Ran & the output:

$ python -o /tmp/myreport
webcheck: checking site....
webcheck:   getting robots.txt for
webcheck: DEBUG: crawler.crawl(): items left to check: 1
webcheck: DEBUG: schemes.http.fetch: connecting to
webcheck: DEBUG: schemes.http.fetch(): HTTP response: 404 Not found
webcheck: DEBUG: schemes.http.fetch(): mimetype: text/html
webcheck: DEBUG: schemes.http.fetch(): size: 292
webcheck: done.
webcheck: postprocessing....
webcheck: DEBUG: crawler.postprocess(): adding to bases
webcheck: DEBUG: crawler.postprocess(): items left to examine: 1
webcheck: done.
webcheck: generating reports...
webcheck:   anchors
webcheck:   sitemap
webcheck:   urllist
webcheck:   images
webcheck:   external
webcheck:   notchkd
webcheck:   badlinks
webcheck:   old
webcheck:   new
webcheck:   size
webcheck:   notitles
webcheck:   problems
webcheck:   about
webcheck: done.

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