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Losing users & groups from Active Directory 2008r2

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Losing users & groups from Active Directory 2008r2


Being new to this lists, I hope this has not been answered before.

I'm using nss-ldapd from debian lenny to retreive users & groups
information from an Active Directory.

One month ago, this was working very well against a Windows 2003 domain
controller with a windows 2000 functional level AD.

All the DC were upgraded to Windows 2008r2 last month and now, if I start
nss-ldapd, I have all my users & groups. If no restart of nslcd is done
some hours, nslcd seems to lose the users and groups and no SSH connection
(for example) are possible. Even if a logged in and idle user issues a
"getent passwd", the getent process seems to hang and finally times out,
leaving no active directory users displayed.

Someone has an idea about this ?

Thanks for your help.

Emmanuel Lesouef
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