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Mapping attributes in nslcd.conf

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Mapping attributes in nslcd.conf

Hi -

I'm trying use the map functionality in nslcd.conf to create local attributes.

I have one map working:
map passwd homeDirectory "/home/ldap/$uid"
which successfully reads the homeDirectory attribute from ldap (something like /home3/19/username) and changes it to a useful local path.

The other map I want to set up needs to be something like:
map group gid "$uid"
which doesn't work - nor do any of the variations on that theme.

My setup
LDAP server: SunLDAP (not under my control)
Client machines: Ubuntu 10.04, nslcd and associated pkgs. - v0.7.2

The ldap server does not currently have the gid attribute populated, so when an ldap-authenticated user logs in to a client machine they end up with a home group (gid) set to their gidNumber rather than a string.

I believe that I am unable to change the gid because gid isn't populated on the ldap server. The suggestion is that I can build a local attribute even if it's missing:

use the uid attribute to build a homeDirectory value if that attribute is missing</quote>

Ultimately my question is:
Can I map a local gid to an ldap uid when the ldap gid can't be read?

Can anyone point me to the answer?

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