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Re: Mapping attributes in nslcd.conf

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Re: Mapping attributes in nslcd.conf

Thanks for the quick response David.
If I understand you correctly, the answer is that there is nothing in the local machine's /etc/group file that can be used to create a home group for ldap users, and "getent group<gidNumber>" returns nothing, which doesn't surprise me; as I said, those attributes are not populated in ldap. So, I *think* I'm still left with using the map feature in nslcd.conf to "create" a gid from the ldap-returned uid.

Do you if I need to be able to read an attribute from ldap before I can change it?

In my configuration, we don't have a gid value for users either.  The
string representation of their group is obtained by the system looking
up the gid (either in /etc/group or via LDAP, if you're using LDAP for
groups).  Try using "getent group<gidNumber>" to see if your host is
properly looking up groups via LDAP.
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