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Re: Newbie - user authentication failing.

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Re: Newbie - user authentication failing.

On Fri, 2011-02-11 at 10:32 +0530, Vinay Kalkoti wrote:
> Since nslcd runs as a daemon, are there any known issues which are not
> fixed in 0.7.13 on resource leaks and high CPU consumption so that I
> can have them at the back of my mind?.

Not that I know of. There was a memory leak in OpenLDAP when chasing
referrals [0] but is should be fixed now.

> I still haven't been able to get my hands on the bug database (if any).

nss-pam-ldapd doesn't have it's own bug tracker at the moment but I'm
looking into setting up trac. Most bugs are either discussed on the
nss-pam-ldapd-users mailing list or in the debian BTS [1].


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