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Re: Newbie - user authentication failing.

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Re: Newbie - user authentication failing.

On Fri, 2011-02-11 at 12:21 +0530, Vinay Kalkoti wrote:
> I read that I cannot create an expression for overriding "uidNumber".
> One of my requirements is to authenticate active directory user
> accounts whose "UNIX" attributes are not set.

A unix environment expects unique numeric user ids to be available for
users. Most applications also assume that username -> uid lookups and
uid -> username lookups are unique.

> Is there a way to override "uidNumber" or map it to any active
> directory user schema attribute.

Mapping all users to a single id could work in some limited environments
but causes problems in most and currently isn't supported by
nss-pam-ldapd. The attribute is used for getting information from LDAP
but also used to construct searches.

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