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Re: non-local (LDAP) users can log in without auth???

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Re: non-local (LDAP) users can log in without auth???

Thanks for that Arthur!
I took a shortcut to test this by installing the Ubuntu 11.04 packages (v0.7.13) on my Ubuntu 10.10 VM. Using a configuration per my original post it *just works*. GDM and su attempts with no password now fail!

I'll raise the issue with Ubuntu, but I thought I'd report the initial success.

There seem to be some LDAP servers that silently fall back to anonymous
bind when logging in without a password. For this purpose in release
0.7.7 the nullok PAM option was introduced.

It may be a good idea to raise an issue in Ubuntu for this and try to
get this fixed there. Attached is a patch against 0.7.6 for the relevant
changes that landed in 0.7.7.

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